Sunday, 6 November 2011

How to make a film a cult classic before it is launched?

All through the process of ‘One by One’ the aim of the project was to get people talking. To get YOU involved. Kind of “by the people, for the people”, cheesy I know.
I think and feel a change is needed so that we can be more aware of ourselves and to create a better future, instead of greed fuelled, capitalist, dumbing down existence that most of us just meander through (note I use the word “US”).
It has been my experience, and in no way is it fact, that most people you talk to about making a change or standing up change, see you as a nut job (for want of a better word) or struggling their shoulders and say “it’ll never happen”. But why? Clearly people are beginning to wake up to possibilities, otherwise there would be no “occupy” movement happening all over the world, and they, us, you and me, want to do something about it.
‘One by One’, by its very nature, was created to put a drama and entertainment face on the very serious problems we have before us. To hopefully encourage the ones that think I’m a “nut job communist” to challenge the ideas I put forward – Because if they question me and my ideas then by default they will have to “question everything” about the current economical and political systems we’re part of.  Images of ‘The Matrix’ growing fields spring to mind.

I would like these people; in fact I would like every person to watch ‘One by One’, but more than that I want them to NEED to see it. Anticipating its release, like a JJ Abrams fan does, craving it, being impatient to see it. So without millions of pounds to through at a marketing campaign (especially when I feel the money system is completely flawed)  how do I get people so interested in ‘One by One’ that they literally can’t wait to see it.
“How do you make ‘One by One’ a Cult Classic before it’s released?”
* You can email me privately if you’d rather not discuss your ideas with the rest of the world just yet ,

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  1. Lets do a tour of all the places where the 'occupiers' are all camping and give them free screenings! Ok I suppose that needs a pretty big budget actually. But it'd be fun!